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Advanced Nurse Practitioner - National Competencies

Advanced Nurse Practitioner - National Competencies

A key element of the educational preparation of Advanced Nurse Practitioners is achievement of advanced-level skills, knowledge, competences and attributes, both at core level and specific to the context in which they practice.

Development and maintenance of a structured process for the consistent recognition and acknowledgement of the achievement, and ongoing maintenance, of a benchmarked level of competence by practitioners is a key governance principle for Employing Organisations and Advanced Nursing Practitioners.

The development of Advanced Practice roles in new contexts means there is now a strong imperative to create an effective governance strategy to determine the capabilities expected of advanced-level practitioners within specific settings and to robustly and consistently measure the level and its achievement.

Clinical competencies have been agreed in Scotland for Acute Care; Primary and Community Care; Paediatric; and Neonatal Advanced Practice.

Non-Medical Prescribing is a required part of Advanced Nursing Practice Competencies for Prescribing utilise the Competency Framework for All Prescribers published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2016)