NHS Education for Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) capability frameworks

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) capability frameworks

It is argued that capability goes beyond competence to include the ability to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes across a range of complex and changing settings.

NES has developed a series of capability and role development frameworks that describe the values, skills and knowledge people need to produce high-quality work. The frameworks set out a range of capabilities for all nurses working in particular settings or service contexts, with a further set of capabilities for nurses as they progress their careers. This is particularly helpful in describing the additional capabilities expected of the 'advanced level' nurse in a specific context.

The frameworks don't aim to limit people's development: indeed, many practitioners may be aspiring to (and achieving) capability levels beyond their particular career stage, and this should continue to be encouraged.

The frameworks can be used by:

  • nurses and service managers, to guide personal development planning through highlighting the support and development needed to promote effective working, and promoting career progression that maps with the NHS KSF.
  • service users and their families/carers, to explain the key skills, knowledge and attitudes they should expect from nurses in these settings
  • education and training organisations, to guide the development of training and educational activities and programmes specific to the care setting or context.

The following capability frameworks are currently available: