NHS Education for Scotland



Advanced Nursing Practice roles are part of an integrated Health and Social Care workforce. Their nature and number are influenced by the availability of support roles and senior and junior multi-professional staff. The development of Advanced Nursing Practice roles should, however, always be based on clearly articulated service needs.

How and where Advanced Nursing or other Professional Practice roles are developed will also depend on the pattern of staffing required. Larger teams will allow for more differentiation of roles by clustering activities in terms of level and type of skill required.

In identifying the types of Advanced Nursing or Other Professional Practice roles that require to be developed, it will be important to consider those that:

  • fully match the skills profile of an existing role or professional category
  • are enhancements/expansions of existing roles drawn from a specific professional group, with additional skills training required to support the new role
  • could be filled from more than one professional group, but which require additional skills training or development.